Christmas Decorations of Devon Tower OKC w/G1X

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Christmas Decorations of Devon Tower OKC w/G1X

Took the G1X out last night and grabbed a few shots of some of the decorations of Devon Tower in Oklahoma City.  The place was crawling with people; so, I was just happy to get my preferred settings with lowest ISO and best shutter speed I could pull off with reasonably sharp images that didn’t have random people posing in them.  Saw a lot of DSLR’s being lugged around, but I don’t see many of those shots on the internet to see what they did with these decorations.  Mine frankly look as good as the ones I do see and I’m not much of a photographer lol.

Always impressed with the image stabilization on this G1X letting me grab some really low ISO handhelds!  I don’t think that is crowed about enough.  High ISO might be great for low light action, but the stellar low light and low ISO with slower shutter speeds make it happen for me anyway.

These big red ornaments are very similar to the ones at Radio City Music Hall that I noticed on the lobby television of the hotel adjacent to the Devon Tower ironically.  This little infinity pool with giant ornament probably has a lot of potential for getting a great shot.  I was happy to come away with something without people in front of it – very popular holiday photo op.

Huge Pinecones in the lobby of the Devon Tower; It’s probably my anal side that keeps me from being as creative with my pics as I could be and drives me to want to get them all in there with some balance/symmetry. I may have toned the brightness down too much on these because my monitor leans bright and I always seem to back off the brightness of my RAW files.  The G1X really shows some incredible detail on shots like these for a ‘point and shoot’ – wow!

These were particularly difficult to grab without people posing.  This was my best capture of it. The ornaments were a little dirty – I tweaked the RAWS to boost them up a bit to compensate and make them pop.  Not sure how they look on a properly calibrated monitor, but they look decent here for what I got.

The entryway angle of those big pinecones in the lobby as presumed the artist that hung them preferred them to be presented. Pretty impressive!  They look crystal from outside the building, but they look to be a metallic surface upon closer inspection.

I didn’t spend hours tweaking the RAW files on these, but I boosted them up a bit here and there to make them pop a little and bring out the shimmer of that metal flake. These are HUGE btw.  My low ISO shots of these bettered anything I’ve seen on the internet of them anyway.  Looks like others just let their ISO go auto and shot them at whatever shutter speed that got for them. sI got this at ISO 400 and 1/25thwith reasonable sharpness.  They were brightly lit – so, that’s not really too exaggerated from what they look like against that backdrop.

ISO 200 @ 1/15thof it – these are pretty brilliant with the lighting they have on them.  I’m sure somebody could get super creative with them, but I was happy to just capture them cleanly.

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