NOT OK: R3000 second print (ABW) - lot of regular linear scratches... :(

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Re: UPDATE4! Revenge? + question regarding tray

jtoolman wrote:

My suggestion for you is to choose a couple of papers that seem to "Play Well" with your R3000 and stick to those. I would rather be a master of a few paper / printer combinations that I know work 100%.

Yes, I agree with you, currently I'm in the analyzing phase to figure it out exactly those couple.

Seems most of you HMuhle papers do not seem to get along well with the R3000

In reality the only real nightmare I had with HMuhle is with the box of Photo Rag Pearl that is not planar enough. I like the finish of this paper a lot, and, even if the gloss differential is evident, by carefully avoiding brutal highlight images (and leveling maybe it out a little) I'm sure it will produce lovely B&W. After my experience I tend to think that once I get this paper planar enough the problem could be solved. HMuhle is easy to get here and I like the possibility to use the Protective spray on it too. OBA papers and/or alpha-cellulosa are not so liked by me so Photo Rag 308 and Fine Art Baryta are not a big concern.

I would also sugest you move your printer to position where you can use the rear sheet feeder and try it out. You will love it. I have feed thick Canson regular thick ( don't even know the thickness ) Water color paper meant for actual WC painting on both my PRO3800 and R2000 via the rear sheet feeder. Perfect results.

Wow! 3800+R2000 is "the final weapon"!

I will try for sure to move the printer to better acces the sheet tray, the problem is that I don't have room enough...

There some papers I have tried that simply allow the pigment ink to float right on top even more than others, then add to that the more textured surface of most baryta papers and you have a condition of raised hills and valleys. The High spots can very easily be scratched either from the head itself or from rough handling.

Yes, I agree, and I tend to dislike sparkling textured finish too.

My R2000 allows me to feed ANY papers either from the top feeder or rear sheet feeder which I teld to use more than any other method of paper feeding. Everytime I have attempted to feed anything less that 250 gram paper through the front tray I end up with a blurry and somewhat semared edges. When I feed poster board thorugh the front feeder I get perfectly sharp graphics and images.

Ok, thanks for the advice, I will choose the best tray depending on the paper in order to minimize potential troubles.

That said, based on the occurred experience and all we have discovered/discussed, do you suggest to return the printer or to keep it, going on with the "good" paper selection?

(And I miss the Bob P. opinion too...)

Many thanks again, ciao

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