Poll: WFT-E5 users (wireless file transmitter for the 7D)

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Re: Poll: WFT-E5 users (wireless file transmitter for the 7D)

apersson850 wrote:

It's of course due to the low volume in production, compared to cameras and other stuff, that the WFT-E5B is so expensive. Very few 7D users buys it, I'm sure. And not too many would if it cost the half of what it does either.

But it's the same with mine. If it looses connection, you have to re-connect again. Even in WFT server mode, it has to connect to something, or it's not happy. If you loose that connection, you have to start over.

Personally, I'd prefer a setting, where you could configure it to either go into an error state when the connection is lost, or go back to the "trying to establish a connection" state when the present connection is lost. If you loose connection with an infrastructure, it's more likely that you want an error message.

I wonder if it works with a wired connection to a Wi-Fi router?

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Thanks for trying and for the feedback, Anders ! I will use this to try to get Canon to do something about it. Before I do I would like to ask if you connect against a Mac or a Windows PC and which version of the OS you are using. It's probably a good idea to have the "go into unhappy error mode" configurable, even though I'm not sure if it would be useful in WFT server mode.

I haven't tried the wired connection yet but I don't expect Canon to get the firmware fixed before next time I will be using the WFT. My plan for a fix is to use my little WiFi router/accesspoint (Asus "Portable Wireless N Router") as accesspoint ... I'm hoping that it can operate on 4 AA NiMH cells for at least 5 hours. Time will show.

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