D4 Auto ISO with flash - SB-900, SB-700 and SB-400

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Re: Interesting finding about D4 and sb-800

olyflyer wrote:

jeminijoseph wrote:

Thanks for everybody participated in the discussion and the input.

Ok, I did another test with sb-800 and D4. The ISO on viewfinder always say 6400 (the ISO set in the camera). But when you take the picture, ISO is different. I get all range of ISO based on the light.

I see, so all this was for nothing... I mean, I expected that you take some images BEFORE asking a question, not just reading the display.

I really tried it. I'm not sure what happened? May be when I pointed the camera to a brighter spot, the spot was not bight enough. I can't think of any reason why it didn't work that time. I should have tried more. My bad.

So I think sb-800 works exactly like I want even though what's reported in view finder is different.

So you are saving a lot of money... That's good for you.

I was going to get sb-700. The price difference is small. I think sb-800 going for pretty much same price as sb-700. I may pickup one anyway because of improved UI.

I also noticed when the ISO in the camera is set to high (6400) works way better than when it's set at 100. When the ISO is high the picture was taken at ISO 1100 vs when set to 100, the picture was taken at 400. So higher ISO setting in the camera has less effect of the flash. Even better if you bounce the flash.

Here's the examples


The ISO varies even before the camera hit it's max shutter speed (in FP mode 1/8000). So I still don't understand when and how the ISO is changed when flash is used.

My mistake that I didn't take the picture and check the actual ISO in every settings. So there's the bug in D4 (my be in D800 too) that it doesn't show the actual ISO which is going to be used.

Lessons learned: ALWAYS take test images BEFORE asking a question. The answer is most often in your hands.

Yes, I agree..

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