Off to greener pastures .... this place is full of non-photographers

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Re: Off to greener pastures .... this place is full of non-photographers

anotherphoto wrote:

DPReview used to be a great place, full of informative, useful threads.

...what a history...

However recently it has become ever increasingly a place of people becoming obsessed with non-issues, or with people who really shouldn't be owning expensive cameras


(I recently saw a thread on here by a D4 owner looking to take his D4 to Disneyland but didn't know what lens to take !)

I agree, those threads surprise me as well. I guess some people have more money than brains but that's how it is in real life as well.

I'm not a pro, but I am an amateur of a reasonable level that also appreciates the results that good equipment is able to give in the right hands.

Just your words against your history and your profile here. Anyone without any image or link to images can claim that.

There was a professional photographer at a conference I was recently at, I noticed he was shooting with a humble D700 and a variety of push-pull lenses that most people on this forum would spit at and complain about dust and lack of f-stops.

I have also met a few pros who never open up the aperture more than to f/5.6 and some also use P&S and also get paid for those images, but so what? What fits their needs might not fit mine.

I'll put my hand up and say I was curious as to whether this guy was really a pro.

So I shared a lunch with him. Didn't ask about his equipment at all, but just chatted generally and he pulled out his iPad from his camera bag and showed me his portfolio across all his work (theatre, conferences, landscape and his personal holiday snaps just showing his kids running on the beach etc.). Some HDR, some non-HDR, some B&W .... a true portfolio and simply stunning, beautifully composed, beautiful lighting. I had a great conversation with him.... a true conversation about the finer details of his images, about his choices to use B&W for some of them etc. ... not like many of you on here whose first question is "what combo did you use with that ?", or the useless "great shot" comments on photos that are not great.

To be perfectly frank, what he showed me put 99% of you gearheads on this forum to shame. He works without a tripod, without flash... just handheld, even in dark situations, with nothing but a D700 and "cheap" variable stop lenses.

Again... so what? Should we be impressed now?

Pretty much sums up the old adage, that its not the camera but the photographer that gets the results. If you're a non-pro... you probably almost certainly don't need the latest and greatest body and you could probably do without the heavy 2.8 lenses too.

...and? Are you saying that the best gear should be reserved for people like you + a few "real" pros?

Spend the money on getting training to help you take better photos and more exciting photos than poorly composed snaps of your dog / cat / baby / whatever that you could have taken on your iPhone.

That's not for you to decide... but anyway, how do you know people of this forum don't attend any training? In any case, show some of your own work and let us decide if you could have taken better images with an iPhone or not.

I know this thread will probably get shot down in a flame-war .... just like most other people recently who have posted their honest feelings about the sad, sad, state of this forum. But I don't care. I'm outta here, off to greener pastures on another forum (or two) where true photographers hang out and where I can expect to learn more about the art that is photography.

Please, don't slam the door behind you. Bye.

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