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As far as I know B&H only does business in NY state for tax purposes. Amazon is doing business in a significant number of states with warehousing or whatever so there's a stronger chance you're going to pay sales tax there.

At the same time even though B&H doesn't charge tax (and isn't required) on out of state sales, some states do try to recoup the tax in some way, usually a "use" tax. Where it gets ticklish in some states comes when you do your state income taxes if you have one.

There's a question on ours that asks the question directly.That's not such a big deal. But if you operate a business and you deduct cost of equipment, it can be more ticklish. Ours ask us if the taxes were paid on all items deducted on the federal business tax form. We're very careful about that.

Re doing business with B&H, they've been consistently good for as long as I've dealt with them - which is a very long time. The one thing I'd suggest to anyone is that taxes aside, it's worth a trip to their store because they're just as good there with knowledgable people who can answer questions, find someone else if they can't and they are known in my experience to suggest less expensive alternatives without prompting as a better value -- assuming there is one. There's nothing that says you can't take the SKU or whatever and order it for delivery out of state.

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