imac 27" i5 vs i7 for CS6 and LR

Started Dec 7, 2012 | Questions thread
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Re: imac 27" i5 vs i7 for CS6 and LR

I have a 27" i5 3.1ghz iMac late 2011 that is running on 16g ram. I do a lot af video and photoshop as well as NX2.

I replaced the processor with a i7 2600 and could not tell a difference in PS or NX2. However there is a huge difference in video rendering.

Yesterday I added a 256 Agility4 SSD and wow that has made a huge difference in loading and booting times as well as RAW conversion in NX2

If you are not big on video go with the i5 and ad the fusion or if an SSD only option is available go for it. Work can be stored externaly

I would now like to move all the user files to the old Mac 1tera drive but must still figure out how to configure the mac to do it automatically.

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