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Re: advice regarding printing / stealing images

I guess it depends on how you read "your picture is not worth squat".   I think (hope) what he meant was that your picture might be an excellent photo, but there are so many excellent photos around these days that you'd have trouble selling it.  Someone who might want to use it for free wouldn't want to pay for it because he can get another good one for free from somewhere else.

And it depends also on who you are and what you do.  There are a lot of hobbyists on these fora who are taking good photographs, really good photographs, but don't sell them and may worry about theft.  I see this as unecessary worrying on their part for the reason mentioned above.  If someone stole a photo of mine, I'd take it as an ego booster.    On the other hand, If you're a pro then this is a very valid concern.

For what it's worth, I'm in the category of hobbyist who accidentally on occasion takes a photograph that is slightly better than a snapshot.  But I do care about the quality of my prints and especially the accuracy of colours, so I have a colour managed workflow and use White House Custom Colour for printing.  They provide printer profiles, do a really good job, and seem quite reputable.  I doubt they'd steal customers' photos.



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