Dynamic range: P7700 vs G15

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Re: answer: they are the same, of course

walkaround wrote:

All current camera sensors (regardless of size) have the same dynamic range, period. Different makers play with software tricks to make it look like more. Do you really think tiny Fuji has found some magic recipe that has eluded Canikon? And do you really think the G15 is going to have some perceivable performance difference between the P7700? Please, these two companies copy each other in every way. There are some small flavor differences, but that's it.

If you really want 3 more stops of DR, the only way is to use film. A $5 roll of Kodak Ektar 100 exceeds any digital sensor at any price. This is a fact, and I say it as someone who loves digital cameras.


That said, During my comparison of the G15 and P7700, I found that the G15 would blow out highlights a bit sooner than the P7700, with all settings being equal. Like was mentioned above, I am sure it is due to slight differences in software processing. But I did like the photos straight out of the P7700 better than the G15. And I am a Canon DSLR shooter.

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