Birds: 450d+55-250 (not so good)

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Re: Birds: 450d+55-250 (not so good)

Are you cropping or downsizing the images? (I'm guessing these are cropped). If these are crops, you probably need to get closer; you are at the limit of the camera and lens's resolution. The bird should nearly fill the frame if possible. Even with a perfect lens, an image will still be just slightly soft at the pixel level because of the antialiasing filter over the sensor which prevents moire (see here: If these images are downsized not cropped, try different downsampling techniques in your photo editor for sharper downdampling (Photoshop says Bicubic Sharper is best for reduction).

You might also want to try focusing manually or automatically in Live View zoomed in 10x (if you can get the birds to sit still long enough). You will get slightly more accurate results that way, compared to phase detection AF through the viewfinder.

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