5D3 for $2599

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Re: This is really good news.

EvokeEmotion wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

Silvex wrote:

It seems the 5D3 is destined to sell in the $2500 range. Which, necessarily, will force the 6D price down.

Until in mainstream authorized dealers such as B&H and Adoroma, so not so fast. After this holiday season, 5D3 will return back to $3000-3200 normal price and eventually will drop down to $2500-2700 normal price. 6D will drop to $1800 eventually and you will see $100-200 IR in 6-12 months.

You are throwing out numbers and timelines that not even Canon can say with any degree of certainty. If you have psychic ability, I suggest you predict winning lottery numbers.

Just based on history records

See how long 5D2 holds.


OK, you can contribute 5D2 lacking of real competition then.  So let's check 60D.  I bought around these days in Dec 2010 thru Amazon special promotion $100 off on top of Canon 60D instant rebate ($900 then) with lens double discount (together with 100-400L) with ended around $823 after all rebates and promotion.  See how long 60D hold its price despite it has a strong competition from Nikon D7000 and from Sony and Pentax as well.


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