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Re: Neil gets caught up in his own trolling net

NeilJones wrote:

f56andbethere wrote:

linda tavares wrote:

NeilJones wrote:

Bruce Granofsky wrote:

Take it to the 'complaints dept.',

sit back,


and enjoy.

It's really sad you stooped this low!

what would you expect from something that looks like this:

Disgusting pigs are tough to look at this early, I know.

Funny how you and Linda don't post all night, then suddenly wake up "together," and proceed to bump all your of your threads. No posts from either of you for 12 hours and then... bam... back to back posts.

Mods continue to do nothing. They'll probably ban three other people before they ban you "two." That's because they know how many people visit DPReview just for the daily Jones show in the Nikon "Pro" forum.

Why are they banning us? For answering questions in these threads? Maybe they should be more concerned about the people personally attacking everything we do! The same people who continue to bully us all the time.

If you check, you can clearly see that me and Linda live in completely different parts of the USA.

If you had half a brain you would also see that our style of writing is totally different too. She appears to be much better with the pen than I.

Now grow up, my kids on the school bus are way more respectful than half of you!

You're right. It is impossible that you two could be the same person since your DPReview profile clearly states that you live in two different places. An obvious oversight on my part.

It is also equally impossible for you to alter your writing style depending on which account you are signed into.

Damn. Got me.*

* I anticipate any and all replies from you / Linda that pretend to miss the sarcasm in the above.

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