Is the E-PL5 Purseable?

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Re: Is the E-PL5 Purseable?

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Looks interesting. Starts to make it a bit expensive though. Haven't seen the E-PL5 on sale body only.

No you haven't seen it, because only the E-Ps are sold body only, not the E-Pls or E-Pms.

B&H sells the E-PL5 as body only.

It is possible that B&H breaks kits in order to satisfy some demand. Or different country, different marketing policies. Good for you.. here in the EU we don't get that choice. But I know that if I was visiting my favorite bricks and mortar shop, they would do it for me too. But it is still not sure that the price will be more advantageous than buying the whole kit online. Look at B&H the difference is only 30$ for a camera costing 600$ (with the special auction, but you must be living in the US to get it).

The white model is 50$ less. Not sure what you mean by "special auction". There's a memory card and free shipping to US resident but the price rebate works for me in Canada.

Here's a body only in the UK:

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