Do all steadycams have the floating effect?

Started Dec 8, 2012 | Discussions thread
OP compositor20 Senior Member • Posts: 1,653
Re: Do all steadycams have the floating effect?

Yes I think its when the operator moves the camera down and left and then up and right like a zig zag it gives a floating effect

this video looks like floating without the zig zag but I like the zig zag effect too

In this one it looks like floating too its different from other steadycam that just look like stabilizers... or its the slow motion that does the effect?

another one where the effect is seen

In this one its very effective I think walking around in circles and going backwards to one side helps to give that effect too

it looks like they are glidecam, flycam nano or merlin steadyacam and those are all very expensive to me...

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