Wait for E7 or just get a Nikon D5200 or Pentax K5 II or K30

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Pentax alongside Olympus


I enjoyed your posts in this thread.  I am close enough to your position to appreciate and (mostly) agree with your point of view.  I am different in that I'm a retired engineer and haven't had a problem accumulating multiple bodies & the various lenses I've needed.  So in regard to Olympus I have backup bodies for the cameras I particularly like.  I haven't done that with Olympus lenses yet because Oly keeps building them.

I don't need a complete array of lenses because I am primarily a hiker & outdoor person when it comes to photography.  I typically take one camera & one lens on a hike.

And then, during a period of concentrated angst on this forum, and because I had all the Olympus bodies & lenses I needed, I decided to take the logical (for me) next step and begin adding a second system.  After considerable study I opted for Pentax.

While at the time I saw no need to get a whole range of bodies as I did with Olympus, I did appreciate their K-20 at the time and then their K-7.  They are both rugged & weatherproofed excellent cameras for hiking.  Now as to lenses, when I read the reviews way back when I first started with Pentax I was struck by the quality lenses Sigma made for Pentax.  You have a complete collection of Olympus lenses and are looking at the equivalent in Pentax.  I on the other hand have a suitable selection of Olympus bodies with lenses appropriate for hiking; so it was easier for me to find Pentax and Sigma lenses that would provide an adequate selection for my needs.

You I suspect know a lot more about lenses than I do, but in your comparison, the Pentax "lens system" vs the Olympus "lens system" why not consider the available Sigma lenses as well?  Or have you ruled them out for some reason?


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