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Re: Sophia

Jack A. Zucker wrote:

Peano wrote:

Jack A. Zucker wrote:

I don't like the color change. The color you picked is incongruent with the other tones of the model.

As I said, it's subjective. There's no need for us to agree (nor is there any way to resolve a disagreement). Let's just say we see things differently and leave it at that.

Agreed but there's no reason I can't reiterate my thoughts either!

I didn't object to you expressing your thoughts. I merely noted that we're both expressing purely subjective opinions about color.

I remember you now from previous posts. If someone says the sky is blue, you'll find some way to qualify or disagree. I'll make a note of your name so I don't open any more of your threads. AMF.

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~ Peano

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