RX1 or RX100 Backpacking the World.

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Re: RX1 or RX100 Backpacking the World.

If you take a smaller camera you can waterproof it with a good case, like the Aquapac ones (some of the camera cases have lens windows so image quality is not degraded too much and you could take the camera snorkelling or in sweltering jungles etc.).

I too would recommend you look at the Fuju line, especially the x100 if you want to keep it simple. The x100 and the RX100 (oh I hate all these x's) would be a good combination. x100 has a proper viewfinder, very useful in sunny places. I second whoever mentioned filters, they'll be very useful in bright conditions, so if you do go for the RX100 get one of the attachable filter threads for it.

I'm a Samsung user, so I'd probably take an NX210 (has wifi too so easy uploading in a cafe with wifi etc) with some of its excellent and small pancake primes. The Fujis are similar really with their great little primes.

Going to shoot RAW or jpeg? Consider the file sizes that will be created and how this affects your backup.

I'd also consider again that Macbook. Some sort of external backup would be good of course, but SD cards are cheap and durable. If you have to have a computer look at a smaller tablet (iPad mini if you want to go apple, it's also very light). The 11inch Macbook doesn't have an ethernet port anyway if memory serves me right, so I see no advantage to it over a small tablet (mentioned as many hotels or hostels may only provide internet through ethernet cables, not wifi).

The most important thing is not to travel through your lens. Experience the world with all your senses and only use the camera to record special moments.

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