CPL options for the new E10-18

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Re: CPL options for the new E10-18

The Lotus Eater wrote:

rfhuewf wrote:

Hi I think I will be getting my E10-18 any time before this year ends, but I am not quite sure what to start with when it comes to CPL for ultra wide lenses. I used to own an ultra wide (sigma 8-16) which did not get along well with any filters since the front element of the lens is a sphere-like design. I would like to get some general ideas about what to choose from for the E10-18. Does it have to be slim in order to avoid vignetting? Would the normal side CPL be okay?

Thank you

Before you buy a polariser, you need to be aware that the effect can be somewhat strange on UWAs due to the large angle of view. You might like the effect, but it may not be ideal under certain photographic situations.

See here: http://www.luminous-landscape.com/tutorials/polarizers.shtml

Hi thanks for the advises.

The reasons behind that made me want to buy one is to get rid of the reflection of water, and shooting pictures through windows (especially in some tall buildings, night time, the reflections of the lights behind me is very annoying).

So does anyone know whether a normal size CPL will create vignetting on this lens?

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