Help me decide between lenses 35mm 1.8g or 18-135mm IS STM :/

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Re: Facts blow away fanboys.. ;-)

tabishz wrote:

Thanks for this link,

I think it does make sense, As I experienced it too.

It is interesting that T1i's focus is faster than D7000 & D3200. And I believe it because I felt this difference on these devices. Now that being confirmed by Image Resource website, I'm thinking to myself... was it really wise to switch from Canon to Nikon...

AF is not everything, but it is very import (to me as well). Would other Nikon D7000 features outweigh this short coming?

D7000 is s very nice body but I cannot say I was happy with the AF accuracy (backfocus and AF variation drove me up the wall) that's with 2 bodies so I sold one and sent one back for a refund.

It has more features than you can shake a stick at, but for me AF accuracy is important.

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