Leica DLUX6 vs Sony RX100

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Re: Leica DLUX6 vs Sony RX100

Elana -

Firstly, I think that for this purpose it may well be quite in order to consider the D-Lux7 & LX as one and the same for this comparison. I do believe that the D-Lux cameras without a doubt have as one main feature very iikely a little more controlled final inspection and above all else that may decide what gets the Red Badge as much as anything.. those are the cameras that come "off the line" at the highest level of quality control .. as I am sure they all go through the same manufacturing process and of course the components are literall identical as such.  So we then come to a better comparison of just the Sony RX-100 and the Pannie LX/D-Lux series.

I'm not an owner/user of the latest line of LX's...last I had were the LX2 & LX3.  At that time these first models had the Leica f2 Summicron lens and as I always understood it.. that lens was indeed an exact same or VERY similar design based on the original Leica Summicron of old film days - of whicch I used on my then Leica M2/3 about I suppose 50 years or so ago now. That lens was simply superb.. just accepted as THE lens of standard focal legth to use on a Leica..it was certainly my pride and joy for many years of use.   But as the LX progressed to later versions they opened the lens max apeture and put on a little bit more zoom..all these factors you simply cannot do unless you make at least some changes in the lens design to go with them.. so the original lens on the LX now is not the same to some degree.  Having said that though.. certainly the LX2/3 gave what I regarded as a superb quality pic without a shadow of doubt.. and I loved it for that reason.  BUT. the biggest drawback with the camera is that it is definitely limited in how far you can go at higher ISO.  I set mine in the earlier days to max ISO at 1600.. as I just knew I'd never get a decent quality pic over that.. indeed 800 might well be considered as high as many would want to go then. A lot has been said on how better the latest LX's are in this respect..  the bigger aperture..f1.4 I believe now.. supposedly does give you a lot better leeway to shoot in low light and lower ISO.. but the fact is..if you look carefully at the pics in the dpReview of the LX7..I find certainly that I would not be THAT happy with high ISO pics..  it certainly does go higher than 1600.. but it is beginning to go off in clean quality and quite definitely at such as 3200 I personally would not be that happy with pics exactly as they come out of camera.. they may be "takeable" but I'd not myself be happy with them..low ISO are still purely excellent.. but in my mind most definitely I am not that happy with high ISO's in low light.
THIS is probably a factor that appealed to me when I considered the RX-100. I do not usually take an abundance of pics in low light , but I do take a lot in 'indoor light' such as shops, arcades asnd that kind of thing. They are usualy well-lit for normal purposes but of course it is far from daylight type.I still call these low light..
LONG ago when I had the LX3 I shot a set of pics in my home Town Museum where they have a special display of what many of the old Town shops looked like in old Victorian days..virtually NO streetlighting as we know it now..very dim indeed, and putting pretty well any camera to a test in regard to low-light shooting. With the LX3 I'd got a good selection.. many had to use 800 or 1600 ISO and altough I got them.. the pics clearly struggled as I had to shoot at quite low shutter speeds and pretty well f2 or F2.8 sort of aperture to do it.
On the FIRST day I got my RX-100 I went to this location for the very purpose of doing exactly the same and seeing how the RX-100 dealt with this lighting..NOTHING had changed in the setup at the Museum.. and I shot off about 150+ pics that time.    To say I was amazed is maybe putting it mildly.. with quite terrible light in many spots it gave me incredble results..  I had literally no problems at all - indeed my biggest problem often was the limited space I had for getting some shots, as it is all in a quite confined area set out on an upper floor....
But this is a small album of what I did get at the time..check the EXIF for each big pic (click on the thumbs to give those) and look at the ISO in many of them.  THESE had VERY little attention in CS6...almost nothing but a check on Levels and a downsize of course to decent viewing size.
I am quite astounded in this respect what the RX-100 will do - it just lifts many restrictions usually on this compact type camera.more imprtantly it DOES invariably give you a slightly better shutter speed to work with.. and in a dim location that can be important...


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