iTunes BS behavior...

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Re: iTunes BS behavior...

webfrasse wrote:

Andrew Mitchell wrote:

PhotOptimist wrote:

Every time I want to listen to my music I have to click 4 times NO before I can...

Apple wants to me get connected to iTunes store!


Why I can not choose when I want to get connected?

Do you have similar experience?

What I can I do to skip without any click to reject?

I just didn't upgrade!

That will only work for so long...

Yes, you're spot on there. OSX 10.9 will almost certainly automatically put iTunes 11 on my Mac.

I upgraded my iPad2 to IOS 6 as soon as it was available, the worst "Mac" mistake I ever made (the speed of the iPad went from 'zippy' to 'wading through molasses'). Luckily the Home button on the iPad died a couple of weeks later, and when Apple replaced the iPad with a new iPad 2 (even though I was out of warranty by 1 day, and didn't have AppleCare), the new machine came with 5.1.1 still on it. One of the happiest days of my life!

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Andrew (Brit expat in Taipei, Taiwan since 1985)

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Andrew (Brit expat in Taipei, Taiwan since 1985)

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