Satisfied? Nikon DK-17M magnifier on a D800/E.

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Re: Hi Mack...

I use this eye-piece and HATE having to not use it with some gear.  I love the DK 17M.  Its wonderful once you get accustomed to the very, very slight clipping of the info (which, by the way, is very, very easy to see.  If you have vision problems, it probably could interact, because it is a magnifying glass after all.  But the 0.2 extra magnification is very subtle.  20% is a solid increase, but not enough to bother anything.
I will admit, I had to adjust the DIOPTER on the side of my D700 after putting mine on.  I pulled the diopter thing on the side of the prism house and clicked it once each direction, until the image was perfect.  At first I thought the image was soft -- but its extremely sharp and everything is easy to see/use on the panel.
 When I later took it off to use another accessory, I felt terrible and had to put it back on.  Can't live without now.

For what its worth, this magnifying eye piece works best when used with a rubber eyecup (which I bend back, but helps keep my eye where I want it to be, comfortably.  The Nikon DK-19 Rubber Eyecup is freaking GREAT -- especially if you bend/fold/flop its cup backwards after attaching.  But buy 2 of them, because after 4 years, mines developed a tear from being flipped back.  Nikon seems to want you to use it as a huge cup.  But a small cup (bend/folding back the edges) is more than enough to make a comfortable spacer while using the magnifyer.

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Sincerely, GlobalGuyUSA

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