D3- A senior moment or malfunction?

Started Dec 9, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: D3- A senior moment or malfunction?

hzmeyer wrote:

Tonight I photographed a party for my grand daughter's boy friend who just passed the bar. I was surprised to see a lot of out-of- focus shots where I focused on one person, then recomposed. I found that the D3 was refocusing on the background in the gap between the people. It was my thought that by pressing the release button half way down, the focus would lock. Not happening. I then switched to AF-ON focusing but it still refocused on the background when I recomposed.

Could someone re-educate me on just what settings to use to lock the initial focus when the shot is to be recomposed?

This happened to me at a wedding once with a D3S - I had accidentally unlocked the vertical shutter release and was brushing against the OTHER  AF-On button at the base of the camera with the palm of my hand. Take a look see.

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