NOT OK: R3000 second print (ABW) - lot of regular linear scratches... :(

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Please, let me clarify some things....

Petruska wrote:

and had no problems with the prints. Read his last post above mine, at the end of the post.

It seems that he doesn't want to accept the fact that the front tray is really made for very thick papers.

I wished him good luck!

Bob P.

Dear Joe and Bob,

many thanks for your support, I really appreciate it, really, and I'm very respectfully regarding your advices and experience which I fully trust.

That said, please, let me to humbly highlight some points:

- the R3000 manual clearly recommend the front tray for Fine Art media (0.3mm - 0.7mm) pulling out the rear little tray, and for poster boards (greater than 0.7mm) without pulling out the little rear tray. I think I'm not to blame because I started my attempts carefully following the official documentation.

- I have got blurry prints using the front tray only 2 times over 8 attempts, both times with the Pearl paper (the thicker I have) and setting 0.6mm in the driver. All the other prints are exceptionally sharp (including the last one made using the rear feed) and are affected from the strikes issue only...

- Up to now I have tried once to use the rear tray, as you suggested, and I got a good sharp picture, as already stated, but still I had some heads hit on paper (even if in a different zone)

Now, I have a life and a family, so not so many time, but still I'm determined to figure out if I have to return the printer tomorrow or not. For this purpose I will make some other attempts today using both front and rear tray, using your advices for loading the paper, trying other paper and matte ink switching too.

I will post here my further results, as soon as I can do the things during the day, and I'm confident you will still try to share with me your valuable opinion to help me figure out what to do.

So, today here is a splendid-winter-sunny-cold day, I hope you have a nice day too and many thanks again in advance for your precious support.

See you later, ciao,


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