Olympus EPL2 noise superior to EP3 and OM-D?

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Re: Olympus EPL2 noise superior to EP3 and OM-D?

AngelicBeaver wrote:

The High ISO performance of the OMD is better than the EPL2. It's the way they handle the noise present that I like better (from what I saw) on the EPL2. I was looking at the Noise and Noise reduction feature on the review page, where you can compare different cameras with different noise reduction settings. At noise reduction set to off, the EPL2 is incredibly grainy at ISO6400, but it shows zero smearing. At ISO6400, with NR set to off on the OMD, there is considerably less grain, but there is evidence of smearing. The EP3 looks about the same as the EPL2, but with some smearing.

I like no smearing. And again, I didn't really see evidence of chroma noise either. Ultimately, if they were the same price, I'd go for the OMD, or EM5, or whatever it's called. The noise reminds me of my Canon, which isn't too bad. I just really like that the EPL2 really does seem to turn off the noise reduction completely, where most cameras never really turn it off and try to smooth it out just a little bit (or a lotta bit, in Panasonic's case).

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What you may be interpreting as "smearing" is the result of the difference in sampling the 16MP image from the EM5 to match the 12MP image from the EPL2. Also, if you are comparing the .jpegs, it's important to know what sharpening setting they may have used for the test. DPR has been caught before using default settings on Olympus cameras that are known to result in loss of detail compared to proper set up.

In any regards, the important thing is you choosing the camera that achieves the look you prefer. I chose the E520 over the Canon XSi in part because I liked the look of the .jpegs better-for some of the same image characteristics many digital photographers criticized the E520. LOL

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