I need some help with D4 AF

Started Dec 8, 2012 | Discussions thread
Dave Westpix New Member • Posts: 3
Re: I need some help with D4 AF

I agree with Antal, compose for better than volume, unless volume is doing paid for. I do tend to shoot afSingle servo but trapp shooting as I call it works great. If you have to shoot 10 frames a sec then use less areas or points like 21 or 9. Like mentioned less is faster and accurate. As mentioned. I do rodeos at 10 frames, concerts at single frames and single servo.maybe just me but it works, and that's d3 the d4 should be faster and see better in weird light. I also think everyone has their comfort zone in settings also, I have tried a few recommended settings from others and found going with what I feel works for me, but the tracking does have limits and like mentioned may get confused pretty easy in mixed light.

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