Got D800e back from Nikon Canada for left AF problem: looks good.

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Reimar Gaertner
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Re: Front focus after the left AF fix :(

Reimar Gaertner wrote:

I just sent my in to Nikon service in Mississauga with my troublesome 14-24. I'll let you know how it goes. I specifically asked that they not ruin the properly working center cross-type AF points.

I finally got my D800E back yesterday.  As expected, the center AF points were screwed up, with a large front focus for the lenses I didn't submit with the camera.  Here is what I wrote to the customer relations supervisor:

Thanks for taking the time to assist me with my D800E autofocus repair.  I got some mixed results while at the store, but I've had time to do more careful work today at home.

As I mentioned, the camera was delivered with an AF fine tune adjustment of -15 for the 14-24 lens.  This wasn't needed.  At 24 mm the adjustment needed was 0 and at 14 it needed a +10 for maximum sharpness.  I've dialed in +5 for this lens.  The left AF points produced results consistent with the center points, but oddly, the right AF points backfocus considerably.  Still, focus and recompose and LV work fine on the right side.  This is still miles better than when I brought the camera in.

Both my 24-70 and 70-200 VRII lenses now front focus considerably.  Both require a +17 adjustment for sharp results.  As I mentioned, I think this is too much.  Although the 70-200 was never a problem, on the positive side, left and right focus points are consistent with the center on the 24-70 (albeit less reliable as expected for single direction points).  I only had a few minutes to test infinity focus, but this still seems OK even at such large adjustment values.

So all in all I think we can call the camera's AF system to be fixed to a usable state.  If a more robust fix for all the AF points on wide angle lenses like the 14-24 become available, I would much appreciate a call to get that straightened away.

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