Nikon 14-24 refresh?

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Re: The hair shirt theory

Why does every post end up in a primes vs zooms argument? Silly. Lenses are tools. That's all. So much emotional BS attached to lenses - just tools. Learn to use them, all of them, and understand when and why and where they might fit the task at hand. Geeez.

The 14-24 is popular, and rightfully so, because it's BETTER than most of the older Nikon AFD primes, including the 14, 18, 20, and 24, and that's all there is to that. I've owned or shot about all of those, and certainly wouldn't have dropped 1900 bucks on the heavy wide zoom with the double D sized front element if it wasn't - I don't buy lenses to be trendy, or to cherish them like long lost soul-mates. Nikon themselves considers the 14-24 to be optically superior to the older lenses - and frankly, I don't think that sounds too unreasonable considering how long ago some of those film era primes were designed. Nikon went all-in on the aspherical element manufacturing in order to bring us the 14-24, and while it's not perfect, it sure impressed the hell out of the vast, vast, vast majority of photographers (and testers) who consider it superior to those 15+ year old primes. Only now, what, 4-5 years after its release, do we consider a small handful of lenses that might do a better job in spots (the Zeiss 21 and 25, and the Nikon 24/1.4G, and that's about it). The 14-24 Nikon will go down in history as a legendary lens design - whether a few loud posters here in dpreview think it's a good lens or not. The Nikon 14, 18, 20, 24 AFD most absolutely and certainly will not.

Anyway, this post isn't aimed at Leonard M here at all, just thought this was a place to stick another response in. Closer we get to 150, the sooner all the BS in this thread will cease


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