The GX1 / G15 question ?

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Re: The GX1 / G15 question ?

Dimitri Khoz wrote:

riveredger wrote:

Dimitri Khoz wrote:

riveredger wrote:

Hoboken Michelle wrote:

Small DSLR will not be as portable as G1X,

and if we talk about under $1000 price range for body + kit,

zoom range or IQ will be inferior to G1X as well.

Plus if we talk about macro, small DSLR will require more expensive macro lens to match or exceed G1X + 250D results.

For the record, I absolutely agree and wish to vocally second Dimitri's point in previous post.

You agree . . . but is his statement accurate? Partially. The DSLR will certainly not be as small, but one can get the same range (actually slightly more), IQ (actually significantly better) and macro ability. And one also gains (much) better AF abilities.

A37 with 18-135 $600


Sigma 50 2.8 Macro $369

But you do sacrifice size . . . no question.

Sony A37 IQ with your lens will be significantly worse.

Lets start with the optical quality of Sony DT 18-135mm F/3.5-5.6 SAM lens you suggested.

The barrel distortion produced by this lens at the wide end is strong, and is impossible to fix with common image editing software programs.

Also, it is very very mushy in the corners throughout the whole zome range except 50mm.

Ghosting is bad with green/orange colored blobs in daylight shots with bright sunlight or light sources.

There is also a light vingetting at wide open 18mm (28mm eff.)

This Sony lens alone weights almost as much as G15,

it is darker all through 28-50mm zoom range according to the f-values

+ do not forget that it is also darker by default because of the mirror => higher ISO numbers will be needed.

What about IS for this lens? Is it as good as Canon's?


riveredger, with all due respect, but A37 equipped with 18-135 lens will lose in IQ to G1X.

G1X will stay unmatched in IQ area.

You are certainly entitled to your opinion. However, DXOmark scores the sensor in the A37 markedly higher than the G1X sensor. Let's face it, we can spin any stats we want to support our positions


Noone spins anything,

18-135 kit is a good kit, but it loses to Canon G1X lens in terms of resolution, CA, vingetting, ...

Here are the Imatest results

Canon G1X vs Sony A57 with 18-135DT in Resolution

As you can see 14 Mp Canon G1X outresolves 16.1 Mp Sony sensor installed on your kit lens.

Also have a look at the resolution loss in the corners. Canon G1X has only 100 lines where Sony has

200 lines loss => twice more softer corners across the whole zoom range

Actually even Canon G15 can outresolve the lens you proposed installed on the latest Sony DSLR.

Canon G15 Imatest Resolution result

Now let's check Cromatic AberrationsL

Canon G1X vs Sony A57 with 18-135 DT in CA

Sony needs serious correction of CA in the PP.

Check more details about your kit lens that loses to both (G15 and G1X) Canon compacts in all metrics:

lol we both know that there are other, better options from Sigma and Tamron for similar money - I just saw that kit on B&H and thought it would show that similar range can be had for the same money. I would also note that you did not compare the macro lens to your G1X ... there's your spin. Also note that if the subject is moving, the AF on the Sony will leave the G1x in the dust.  By the way, I don't own a Sony A37, I own a G15.

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