I'm also a Wiz in photoshop.. (img from D600)

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Re: Forum techniques

bikinchris wrote:

Karl H. Timmerman M.A.J.D. wrote:

You know Neil, some of your images I like, and others are schlock. But I must admit, and will"dip my fin", to your ability to bait the cretins ... (chuckling) ... I understand, there really isn't much fun/entertainment to be had in Arkansas, (family, and "Dueling Banjos", not withstanding), is there? I will say, it makes it allot easier for me to ignore folks who respond and attack you ... May I offer an observation and a corresponding "Thank You"? You are the consummate cretin detector, the "Iron Dome" of this forum. BTW: I agree with you about forum moderation. Don't like/agree with a post: ignore it. Anonymous posting, on the other hand, should be banned. May not be easy to implement, but would solve the negative, hateful, attacking comments problem.

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Exactly. If they don't like the images or his posts, just DON'T reply to them. Simple. They could also post other things and reply to interesting posts to help the post slide down off the front page where it can be forgotten..

Great advice, bikinchris, it deserves to be on the front page where the mob has taken over. They do just the opposite of your words, they don't like an image and they bare their teeth and they totally take over the thread and degrade it beyond recognition.
By the way, I did a search for "disgusting pig" and a horific picture titled "Nosehairs" came up. Interesting.

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