Where do YOU focus for landscapes?

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Re: Where do YOU focus for landscapes?

A basic optical fact that you will find it useful to grasp is that Infinity is the ONLY PoF beyond which there is no fall-off in sharpness. At all other settings, sharpness ascends before the PoF and falls off beyond it. How the before and behind relate, and how steep the ascent and fall-off are, depends on both magnification and F-stop. At 1:1, as in slide duplication, the distances are equal, plus the true sharpness zone is paper-thin at all but the smallest apertures.

What this means in practice for very distant objects is that to be sure of enjoying maximum sharpness you must rack the lens out to Infinity. You may do this manually of course; or, since Infinity is very close with extreme W/A lenses, autofocussing on the most distant part of your view will usually give you the same effect.

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