Uploading photos @ 0.32 Mbps, how slow is it?

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$29.99/month for triple your upload speed....

On a tighter budget, I'd probably just go with their Standard Plan for $29.99 per month you'll see on this page:


If you want to get rid of the modem rental fees, grab something like this one for $48.99 delivered:


That's a DOCSIS 2.0 modem and I see it on their approved list.

If you think you may want to upgrade to one of their faster plans later, grab something like this DOCSIS 3.0 modem instead (also on their approved list):


BTW, even Wal-Mart sells those modem models (but, they want a few bucks more for them compared to amazon).

I'm getting >4Mbps upload and >22Mbps download with a cheap DOCSIS 2.0 modem with my comcast service (which is faster than it's marketed as); and they offer much faster plans for more. Mine is $45.95/month.

So, with the Standard Plan that Time Warner offers for $29.99/month, a cheaper DOCSIS 2.0 is probably fine. But, if you think you may want to move up to a faster plan later, a DOCSIS 3.0 is a better bet.

Have you got a router?  If not, you may want to get a wireless router, too.  They're not much (you can find a cheaper Wireless B/G/N router with multiple 10/100 connections for hard wired PCs, too for around $20 delivered.   Just read through the reviews to see how they compare:


It looks like their more expensive Turbo plan includes a modem and router from what their offer page shows  But, if you go with the cheaper Standard Plan, you'll probably want to have your own modem and router to avoid the rental fees.

Note that from what I can tell from posts on forums about their new Standard Service Plan, they've been upgrading a lot of areas to allow for the faster speeds (it's twice as fast as their old standard plan).

Most posts I see about it indicate users are getting around 0.97Mbps Upload, which sounds about right if they're capping it at 1Mbps with that plan. But, I'm seeing some users in CA report they're getting close to 1.5Mbps upload with the standard plan now. Users are reporting 15Mbps and higher download speeds from what I can see on forums (and I see some users reporting they're getting over 20Mbps download speeds with it).

So, that $29.99/month "Standard" plan should give you upload speeds several times as fast as you're getting with your DSL service for about the same price as you're paying now (and your download speeds should be around 11 times as fast).

IOW, you'll probably get around 1Mbps upload and around 15Mbps download (what they market their $29.99 Standard Plan as providing), and you may get faster speeds if you're lucky.

After 12 months, they may raise the price to around $53/month total (I'm seeing users report they're paying around $52.35/month including taxes and fees for the Standard Plan after the 12 months are up.

But, from my understanding, you're not obligated past 12 months. So, you could always switch to a different provider later if they raised the price to where it's unacceptable. Just check the fine print to make sure that's correct.

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