Is a 10 bit monitor worth it?

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Re: Is a 10 bit monitor worth it?

Dale Garman wrote:

I'm not a techie, but I purchased Asus PA246Q 24" LCD Monitor a couple of years ago as this type of monitor is IPS panel (not a regular LCD) which calibrates to very true colors with and expanded color range compared to a regular LCD. Link on Amazon

I looked at the specs and it is 10bit, runs fine on an older Dell with Win7 so I'm not sure about all the technical impediements to a 10 bit monitor. This one is also quite a bit more inexpensive than some other brands. I have been very satisfied with it, the colors are wonderful. You do need to calibrate and stay away from their pre-programmed modes.

Another thought for you.

There is no such thing is a "regular LCD". IPS was one of the first LCD technologies having been developed in 1996. IPS, TN, PLS, PVA, etc. are all just variations of on the same TFT theme. TN is common on low-end devices because it's dirt cheap.

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