Is a 10 bit monitor worth it?

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Re: Anserw is simple...

Sebastian Z wrote:

instead of learning and trying to decipher all technical lingo in answers above.

get MAC, get iMac and it will be your best purchase beside obviously camera in the next and previous 5 years. All respecting Pros are using it.

You will feel like someone just open your eyes, you will tell yourself, $hit why I didn't buy it 5 years ago....I was blind.

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I'm a Mac user, and the iMac is nothing special. The panel in the 2012 iMacs is the same panel that everybody has been using for years now. They use the same 1st generation white LEDs with horrible gamut. The storage options on the 2012 iMacs are terrible and pretty much necessitate spending an additional $1,000 on a NAS. 
To be honest, I waited almost a year for the 2012 iMacs to be released and now I don't even want one. They're barely an upgrade from the 2011 models. This is especially true considering that the new 27" and 30" LG panels using wide gamut white LEDs are starting to hit the market (such as the new Dell 27" that was just announced a few days ago). I can build a far more capable system than an iMac for less money. The only thing holding me back is my wanting to use OSX without dealing with the hassle of a Hackintosh.

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