Some advice for lenses for NX11 please

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Thanks for the comparison shots

TJL LTFF wrote:

Differences are apparent (to me), but that's at or close to 100% viewing. Myself, I don't view that way often; but on those occasions of printing my landscapes it is nice to have it sharp to the edge. The 20mm is not as good as the 30mm in that regard, but it has an edge on the 18-55mm.

Thank you TJL LTFF, those comparison shots area great reference, and I agree with all of your observations.

Knowing what you do now would you still have purchased the 20mm to use along side the 18-55mm?

The 30mm is interesting but not wide enough for what I normally enjoy capturing.

I don't get to spend much of our wealth on this hobby as apparently there is always something more worthy! so generally speaking I have to live with my choices for some time, that's why I want to be reasonably sure before going ahead. I would like to leave the 18-55mm at home when we go for long walks just to save on a bit of bulk and weight but I do not want to sacrifice quality for convenience.

From what I have seen I think I will now move to stage two, otherwise known as the "being very nice to the wife" stage, after all it is nearly Christmas..!

Thanks again, I appreciate your time.

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