Where do YOU focus for landscapes?

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Re: Where do YOU focus for landscapes?

Like most who have commented, I vary between hyperfocal (often estimated on the fly as modern lenses no longer have DOF range scales) and focus on the subject.  Mostly its seat of the pants guesstimation informed by decades of trial and error - when in doubt I'll try several different focus points and pick the one that works the best.  This example at f16 DA* 16-50 at 16mm had only a couple of opportunities as the shot was taken in the few moments the sun first hit the clovers.  My intent was deep DOF with even the closest points in focus, so, as I recall, the focal point was about 4-5' where the closest clovers were at about 2'.  While that is hardly 1/3 of the way into the scene, the front clovers are very sharp while the tree is acceptably sharp; the result prints very nicely to 20x30".

Red Clover Dream

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