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Re: Hogan's comments on diffraction

marike6 wrote:

Since m43 sensors have just gone from 12 mp with cameras like the EPL1-3, EP1-3, GF series to 16 mp with the G3, GX1 and E-M5, and the new PENs. What is going to happen a year or two from now when resolutions are increased further to say 21mp or more? Are we going to start seeing diffraction 1/3 EV from wide open? Any ideas? Did m43 reach a ceiling at 16 mp?

Roughly speaking diffraction will start at the f stop corresponding to 1-2x the pixel pitch on the wavelength. So on a 16mp sensor at the extreme of the red spectrum diffraction will not have any visible effect before f/5 at worse. At the extreme of the blue channel it's safe up to f/11.

12mp sensor pixel pitch is about 19% larger, so it's even better and you can safely go up to f/6.3.

I think its very much exaggerated to say resolution is impacted by diffraction from f/4 (with this lens or any other lens for that purpose).

However it's true that with slow zooms you have a very limited working range on m4/3 bodies, especially at the end of the focal range, and with fast zooms you get more latitude but it's still limited compared to FF.

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