Darktable supports NEX-7 RAW

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Re: Darktable supports NEX-7 RAW

Digital Nigel wrote:

spacemn wrote:

Digital Nigel wrote:

I'm pretty sure DxO 7 also supported the NEX 7, or I wouldn't have bought it. I find the combination works very well.

Why do you think it is better than Aperture 3.4 and LR 4.2 for example? (if you have experience with these)

I am just curious to know.

I've not used either of those.

I'm a PC user, so Aperture isn't an option, and am not a fan of Adobe software (I previously used Photoshop Elements for processing RAW images). DxO just seems to work very well, with excellent automatic corrections and image optimisations. It has exceptionally good high ISO noise correction, too, precisely tuned for each camera. I also really like the workflow on my dual monitor setup (image being edited on one screen, all control palettes on the other). Overall, it just seems to 'think' like I do, so I find I can work work very fast and effectively.

It also makes very good use of a modern 64-bit multi-core processor -- it processes each image while you work on the next, with no discernable effect on responsiveness.

Thanks. Sounds like it is as powerful as LR 4. Especially the lens profiles and noise reduction gives them the edge over Aperture.

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