Here is why the Forum should be split Panasonic & Olympus MFT's

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Re: Here is why the Forum should be split Panasonic & Olympus MFT's

Detail Man wrote:

ryan2007 wrote:

Detail Man wrote:

ryan2007 wrote:

I saw the other thread with the link to the discussion 5 months ago by DPREVIEW. I wanted to respond but it maxed out. I never really saw that discussion or that it was even an option on the table.

Note that your desire is not an "option on the table" at this time. It appears that you (also) missed this clear statement from DPReview Editor in Chief Simon Joinson (published around 5 months ago):

Simon Joinson wrote:

Just to confirm we're not splitting the forum by brand.

There are precedents for splitting forums when they get popular, but we will only do so if there's an overwhelming majority of users wanting it. The feedback here suggests there isn't. We'll ask again in a year or so.

PS i like the idea of a separate 'MFT photography' forum, but then we'd need to add one for every brand and the list would get even more unwieldy. We have plans for the forums that should solve this.
Simon Joinson, Editor

There you go. It surely sounds like your efforts to divide people would perhaps be better spent in around 7 months time from now - when the DPReview Editor asks you what you think. Make sense ?

That's fine, nobody had to respond to the post.

I saw that old post and tried to respond because it was brought up again. I never saw it originally, no matter.

If its that much an issue just complain and ask this thread be removed or locked. No matter to me. I am not offended. So I vote to remove or lock this thread I started. Life goes on. Still on air with my new 35-100, could care less about minutiae.

My post had nothing to do with the exercise of power (on your own, or on DPR's part). My post was intended to inform you that the issue is not scheduled to be revisited by DPR for at least another 6 months. I thought that such relevant information might perhaps interest you (minute as it may seem)

Thank you, sorry for any misunderstanding.

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