Epson Stylus Pro 4000

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Re: Epson Stylus Pro 4000

One thing to consider when negotiating a price - how much ink is in the printer.

If there is no ink in the printer it is almost certainly clogged. If you buy the 110 ML carts it will cost you over $400 off the bat before you can even try to clear the clog. I used over $50 once to clear a nasty clog on one of my printers. Ink is cheaper per ML in the 220 carts, but unless you use the printer a lot they can get past their intended life before you use that much ink. I sometimes have trouble using the 110's if I am not doing a lot of printing. As the previous post mentioned - these printers like it best when they are printing CONSTANTLY. They do not like to sit around in the home of an enthusiast.

There are no Windows 8 drivers available yet for this printer. There may be one available later. They recommend using the Windows 7 drivers in the interim. The similar aged 7600/9600 have never received Windows 7 drivers so they rely on Vista drivers for Windows 7 users. Keep this in mind - these printers are getting to the end of their supported life. You will still be able to buy ink for some time though. You may just have to keep an older PC around to run the printer at some time.

This is not to discourage you, just to be sure you go in fully aware.


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