NOT OK: R3000 second print (ABW) - lot of regular linear scratches... :(

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UPDATE3+RESUME! things are running wild... :(

NeroMetalliko wrote:

Petruska wrote:

Does your paper lay flat, or does it bow upward causing the head to strick it?

Ok, the Pearl Paper of my first post is slightly carved, I have noticed it this morning and I have put the paper under big books on a flat surface for all the day. Now I have tried another print, unlucky the paper is still carved and difficult to load. I have set thickness to 0.6 (instead of 0.5) and "wide" platen gap.

RESULTS: no head strike noises during print and no noticeable scratches on printed image surface. I don't know if the decisive setting is the thickness value or the platen gap, and I still don't know the negative consequences of these settings on final image print in any case.


After an initial satisfaction regarding the heads strikes with these settings (0.6mm+wide), looking closer to the picture (B&W) I have noted a generalized evident blur in the print... even the picture edges (the zone between the white paper and the painted area) are blurred and not sharp...

I have then performed another color print with this paper and these same settings using the color test image of the gloss differential post and there was no heads strikes but a nightmare of blurred color smudges... Total crap!

After that I have tried another color test with a different paper (Harman Gloss Art Fibre Warmtone 300 - 0.44mm thick). I had a lot of troubles loading the paper (still using front tray for the moment). With thickness set to 0.4 and "standard" platen gap I have aborted the print immediately because I clearly heard the heads striking the paper.

I Loaded another sheet of the same paper and printing with thickness 0.5 + "wide" platen gap I still heard something slightly brushing in the first part of the print but I left the print finish. RESULTS: no noticeable strikes and no apparent/evident color blur. One small particle was present on the surface causing a little spot when blowed away with a blower.

So, at the moment (not taking in account the gloss differential here) the overall situation is not looking good and the sequence can be resumed in this way:

1 - HM Photo Rag Baryta (0.39mm) - first try COLOR @5760 0.3mm + std platen gap: GOOD (no strikes, no smear)

2 - HM Photo Rag Pearl (0.48mm) - first try ABW @5760 0.5mm + std platen gap: BAD (big strikes pattern, but no smear in the picture)

3 - ILF Gold Fibre Silk (0.315mm) - first try COLOR @1440 0.3mm + std platen gap: BAD (strike and ink stain, but no smear in the picture)

4 - ILF Gold Fibre Silk (0.315mm) - second try COLOR @5760 0.4mm + "wide" platen gap: GOOD (no strikes, no smear)

5 - HM Photo Rag Pearl (0.48mm) - second try ABW @5760 0.6mm + "wide" platen gap: BAD (no strikes pattern, but smear in the picture)

6 - HM Photo Rag Pearl (0.48mm) - third try COLOR @5760 0.6mm + "wide" platen gap: BAD (no strikes pattern, but big color smear in the picture)

7 - Harman Gloss Art Fibre Warmtone (0.44mm) - first try COLOR @1440 0.4mm + std platen gap: BAD (print aborted due to evident strikes noise)

8 - Harman Gloss Art Fibre Warmtone (0.44mm) - second try COLOR @1440 0.5mm + "wide" platen gap: MEDIUM/BAD (some strikes noise, but no evident strikes and no smear in the printed picture, one floating particle still caused a spot)

I'm disappointed, the results are really mixed and I cannot easily figure out a useful trend: several time/money spent and only 2 of 8 total prints are good. 4 different Papers used and no way to get good results from 2 of these 4 at the moment. Frankly I fear to repeat the test on the first good one...

Next step should be take a break and switch ink to try at least one matte print, but honestly, I don't know if what I'm experiencing could be still classified as "normal" and/or expected.

Please, let me know your opinion, I'm not so happy in this moment...


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