The Perceptual problem with f/4 lenses

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Re: The Perceptual problem with f/4 lenses

So am I correct in concluding that in order to actually get F 4 I need to have F 2.8. Because it says in  the reviews of most lenses Ive compared that none of them are sharp wide open and all of them seem to need to be stopped down at least a full stop.

Also due to CA, diffraction and so forth nothing is quite good enough beyond F 11 no matter how you use it or what you use.

Apparently if you need more light for any purpose you need to buy F2.8, if you are always shooting with plenty of light you can buy F 4.

And then theres the other issue with zooms that they wont work very well for the first half dozen or so mm settings or for the last ten to a hundred mm settings. So if I need a particular lenght or width I either need to buy a prime (which isnt always affordable) or at least buy several zooms with overlapping ranges to make sure I always have one in the range I find most useful.  Seems like an awful waste.

Yeah Im being a little cynical but mostly Im just trying to make sense of my next purchase since Im not rolling in dough.  Returning and trying something else is a huge hassle for me as most of my purchases are mail order.

I, like the OP, am at a perceptual standstill on this issue.  Or maybe Im just overthinking it and should go with my gut.

Thanks for the post and any more input.


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