Should I get all Pocketwizard TT5s or one TT1 for Nikon D3?

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Re: Should I get all Pocketwizard TT5s or one TT1 for Nikon D3?

Big Daddie wrote:

I have one MiniTT1 and three FlexTT5's.

Having all FlexTT5's let's you use them to trigger the camera if you need that functionality, and to have similar triggers that all operate the same, and using the same battery.

However, I prefer the MiniTT1's considerably more compact profile and lighter weight on top of the camera. The coin battery doesn't bother me. Just buy 10 at a time from an eBay dealer in Hong Kong for US $4 and you have plenty of spares in your bag.

Pocketwizard claims the same range for both units AFAIK.

BTW I started out with the SU-800 on the MiniTT1 but found I much prefer using the AC3. The SU-800 does give you the infrared focusing assist beam and may be better if you're operating in dark conditions or have the camera mounted on a tripod so high that you can't look down on the AC3's controls. But otherwise I find the inexpensive AC3 to be much, much faster to modify the three groups than the SU-800. You simply spin a knob for each group, and there's a three-way switch for each group for off, manual and TTL modes. No extra button pressing like the SU-800. I haven't used my SU-800 in many months now.

With the MiniTT1+AC3 on top of the camera, it's quite a compact and light set.

Hi there,

Just wondering about one thing regarding SU-800

For example:

SU-800+MiniTT1 and FlexTT5+SB-900

Can i use SU-800+MiniTT1 to set on Manual mode and set the flash power anywhere between 1/1 to 1/128?

Because i've heard AC3 only can ONLY use 6 stops from 1/1 to 1/64

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