What lens should I purchase next?

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Re: What lens should I purchase next?

jpark0130 wrote:

Hey guys!
So I've been shooting with my Nikon 50mm 1.8D for over 2 years now, and think it's about time I get a new lens already.
I own two bodies a Nikon F100 and D70s for when I shoot digital. Yes, I know they are very dated bodies, but I'm 19 and in college so I'm dirt poor haha.
I shoot mostly street photography and portraiture.
What I'm looking for is the best bang for the buck. I'd really like to keep my budget at a minimum... I like primes more, but a really good zoom suggestion would be awesome too!

I've been looking at the Nikon 24mm 1.8D or the Nikon 28mm 2.8D. Are there any other suggestions out there? If not, which one should I go with?
I've also been looking at some telephoto lenses, but I have no clue what to do there. Any suggestions?
Kind of a long post, but I really appreciate any and all help!

Based on the lenses you mentioned i guess your budget is $300. The question you should ask yourself is: "What is lacking from the 50mm you have?". Portraiture is usually an 80-120mm range on FF body or 50mm-80mm on DX body, but you mention 24 and 28mm lenses, so i guess you want to go wider for street shots. One suggestion i would have is that you do not busy yourself looking for a lens that you will keep forever, but rather look for the lens that helps you now. The modern lenses, which you could keep for a long time like nikon f/2.8 zoom trinity are way outside of your budget nor do you need them for your camera. Most likely all of the full frame lenses will out resolve your cameras, but for example the d800 kit lens, 24-85mm VR ED AF-S, is $550...

I am almost inclined to suggest nikkor 28-80, which can be had on ebay for $100-$200. It is not what i would call a good lens, and you will get rid of it when you upgrade to 12+ MP dslr, but it will probably be a good resolution match to your cameras. I do not have or ever had that lens, but i've heard of it being compared to 24-70, as in "24-70 is way better than 28-80" but the fact that they are even being compared still speaks well of 28-80 for your application.

Naturally primes will outperform the 28-80, but then you need to choose the FL you want...

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