Mac, D800 users only - please advise / correct me. Am I way off base?

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Re: Mac, D800 users only - please advise / correct me. Am I way off base?

The Photo Ninja wrote:

Regarding the d800 LCD. Im rethinking my previous posts about color accuracy the d800.

Since lots of people are saying its accurate. I'm going to assume that my monitor calibration is off.

I think I might have fixed it, but would like some expert advice and opinions on my solution.

My setup is an lg30" LCD 2560x1600 resolution wide gamut monitor with no color controls on it. A quadro 4000 card with mountain lion. If I go into the ColorSync Mac utility and change the default profile to the built in sRGB profile the colors on my monitor match my D800 almost exactly!

Now, if I compare that to a profile generated with my old Spyder3 Pro the profile doesn't match at all. The profile is definitely pinker (thus my nikon LCD is more green).

My thought is now to trust the D800 color and trust that my hardware set to sRGB is accurate. Thus, I will disregard the profile created with my spyder as being wrong and too pink.

Opinions? Advice?

"trust that my hardware set to sRGB is accurate."

No! Never set your monitor to such a profile. That is a recipe for failure. Named color space profiles are never intended to be used as monitor profiles.

Not meant as a criticism, but you are completely misunderstanding Color Management. It's very important for photographers to understand. The concepts are straightforward, but so many people get tripped up and confused.

Do not rely on canned profiles or "default" profiles either. Even those supplied by a manufacturer are not accurate as they are a generic average of their production with leeway built in for production tolerances. They may be close initially, but your monitor will drift away from new condition, and continue to change over time. The only way to get accurate results is to calibrate your monitor with a good hardware calibration device and repeat from time to time.

The viewing screen on the back of the D800 (or any camera) is NOT accurate for color. Don't try to rely on it that way or to get your monitor to somehow mimic it!

Convert your files to a named color space (eg. Adobe RGB, ProPhoto RGB, etc) as either OOC JPEGs or via whatever RAW processor you're using, set your monitor to an accurate calibration file (ICC), calibrate your printer and make sure your color editing software is set to the named color space you're using and that IT (not your printer) controls output to your printer through the printer calibration (ICC) file . Then your images on screen will match your printed output and will be correctly viewed by others who also are using calibrated monitors.


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