NOT OK: R3000 second print (ABW) - lot of regular linear scratches... :(

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On paper thickness

I print a lot with Epson Exhibition Fiber that's 13 mils (0.5mm) thick using the rear feed tray without any issues.  You can only feed one at a time, but that's the same as if you use the front tray.

Now let's look at the the advantage of using the rear tray.  You are stating that your paper has a bow (curve) in it.  When you use the front feed tray the bow will be there as you feed the paper and the head can strike it.  When you use the rear tray the forced feeding of the paper at a major curve from almost vertical to horizontal reduces/eliminates the bow in the paper.

We have been where you are and we just experimented to see what happens and works the best.  Try different papers, different settings, rear feeding, front feeding, etc.

Bob P.

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