Q wide angle blues

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Re: Q 02 Zoom

I expect the wide end quality of the 02 zoom would be quite sufficient, though really, I'd like a bit wider. I use a sigma 10-20mm on my *stD - I like seeing behind myself through the viewfinder. I am considering the 02. But I like to shoot while backpacking too. This summer when carting around the Q with just the 01 lens, it stayed in my pocket too much. The setup with the 02 - while still massively smaller than many cameras - us pretty bulky. Imagine if they scaled down one of the limited wide primes to Q scale!.. I'm putting it on my christmas list...

And - does ANYBODY know how to pronounce *stD?  Its like "the rock star previously known as Prince"...  What were they thinking?

Dale108 wrote:

Have you tried the 02 zoom? It goes to 28mm and while slow (f3.5) at 28mm the SR of the Q lets you shoot at a relatively low shutter speed. While the 02 zoom is not as sharp as the 01 prime, it is better than I expected.


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