Does IS help with slow moving subjects?

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Re: Does IS help with slow moving subjects?

I've read this thread.  I'll stay out of the general debate at the detail level but chime in with my opinion nonetheless.

YES!  It can help immensely under the right circumstances.  Case in point.

200mm Handheld at 1/80 with IS.

Panning at this particular spot on the this track requires shutter speeds that are lower than the basic reciprocal rule.  1/200th or greater would not have given me the motion blur that I wanted.  1/80 to 1/120 is what I usually shoot here and that's not enough to stop camera shake.  Using IS in this circumstance is a game changer.  There are many times I use IS on moving subjects at a focal length / shutter speed combination that would not produce a high rate of success without it.  An example would be shooting at 400mm, a speed of 1/300th is high enough to stop many different types of moving subjects (even if their angle of incidence is perpendicular to the plane of focus) but it's not high enough to stop camera movement when handheld (well, not high enough for most folks anyway).  I always use IS in those situations.

Just my two cents.  


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