Maybe it's my monitor calibration?

Started Dec 8, 2012 | Discussions thread
BeachnCruz Senior Member • Posts: 2,034
NEC flavored Pucks plus X-rite i1 Display Pro for NEC Monitors now.

JRDavis wrote:

NEC PA241W with Spectraview and the NEC flavored puck. The PA series has internal 14-bit LUT, is 10-bit per channel over Display port with a ATI V4800. Calibration is simple and dead on.

NEC Monitor Users are no longer limited to only using a "NEC flavored X-rite Puck". Thanks to the latest updates to NEC Spectraview II calibration software the X-rite i1 Display Pro and the NEC branded X-rite Pucks are fully compatible with NEC Spectraview II software when calibrating a NEC Monitor plus the X-rite i1 Display Pro is compatible with other brands of calibration software for calibrating other brands of Monitors, including Eizo.


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