Considering moving from DSLR to PS Sony gear. Thoughta?

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Re: Considering moving from DSLR to PS Sony gear. Thoughta?

It is an interesting situation. I have an a900 and a boat load of Zeiss and G lenses. A year or so ago I bought a Fuji X-100, set it on auto ISO (only camera I've ever done that with) and it gets used for lots of family, casual, and drag-about in my car shooting. Then I recently purchased a Sigma DP2 Merrill. Image quality is better than a900 (at base ISO only, of course), and it is SMALL and easily carried about all the time. The a900 and glass will stay for those times when I "think" I need the reach or true macro, or something, but I have to say that the kit gathers dust more than it gets used.

There's something about making a 20x30 very detailed print from what amounts to a glorified P&S camera like the DP2M that is very satisfying.

If I were "just now" building a system, I'd probably go for an inexpensive FF body and a couple of decent long lenses for when I need/want reach. Other than that, the Fuji and DP2M are fabulous. Even going wide for landscapes, a two or three frame vertical orientation pano w/ the DP2M blows my 16-35 Zeiss in the dirt.

The obvious limitation to this approach is action photography of any sort at all. NOT good for that. But for the more contemplative approach to photography I can tell you with certainty that it beats the heck out of lugging 30 lbs of equipment all over the place - with zero sacrifice in image quality (and it hurts me to say that given how much money I have sunk into the a900 system).

I believe we are experiencing a paradigm shift in photographic equipment & capability. The number of medium format photographers I know who are fascinated with the image quality of the DP2M (and buying them!) is amazing. The Sony RX-100 is certainly attractive and very flexible in what it can do. For those to don't print very large (say 13x19 max), or do all their display on screens of some sort, the RX-100 is a true revolution. Here's an example of what I mean:

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